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2022 Chevrolet Silverado Trim Levels


One of the most beloved pickup trucks for work, play, and family life is the Chevrolet Silverado, and the latest edition is more powerful than ever. Whether you want pure power or high tech, you can find it in the 2022 Silverado’s adaptable features an array of configurations. Suppose you’re shopping for a new Silverado in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. In that case, our team of knowledgeable representatives at Huffines Chevrolet in Lewisville, Texas, are eager to find you the perfect truck that matches your lifestyle. Read on to learn more about Chevrolet’s latest lineup of Silverado vehicles. The Chevy Silverado is often compared to the Ram 1500, keep reading to find out why!

The 2022 Chevrolet Silverado is available in nine trim levels: the WT, Custom, Custom Trail Boss, LT, RST, LT Trail Boss, LTZ, High Country, and ZR2. If you want a simple, functional truck that delivers the quality you associate with the Silverado, you might consider the WT. For a bit more style and elegant exterior details, look for the Custom, LT, and LTZ. The Trail Boss, Custom Trail Boss, and ZR2 offer adventure-ready strength to handle any terrain. If you want extra comfort and convenience, the RST might have the amenities you’re looking for. For top-of-the-line upgrades, consider the highest trim level, the High Country.


2022 Chevy Silverado

Image via Chevrolet

Chevrolet has revamped the 2022 lineup of Silverado vehicles with a broader body, complementing the truck’s bold exterior design. Every 2022 Silverado model comes with an updated grille with lower, more functional headlamps allowing you to drive with clarity and confidence. Higher trim levels offer more improvements to lighting like upgraded daytime running lamps, animated turn signals, and responsive sequences that automatically illuminate figures approaching the vehicle. The 2022 Silverado comes in black, Northsky Blue Metallic, Red Hot, Satin Steel Metallic, Iridescent Pearl Tricoat, Cherry Red Tintcoat, Oxford Brown Metallic, Silver Ice Metallic, Shadow Gray Metallic, and Summit White.

Silverado beats its competition in terms of storage capacity in the bed. Bed sizes vary depending on the Cab option you select. If you choose a Regular Cab model, your Silverado comes with an 8.1-footbed with 89.1 cubic feet of storage. Depending on your cargo needs, you can outfit Crew Cab Silverado trucks with either a 5.8-footbed or a 6.6-foot bed. Silverado beds also come with 12 tie-downs to protect your cargo and a motorized, Multi-Flex tailgate to make it even easier to load and unload your truck. All Silverado beds come with a dense steel floor that can withstand the weight of equipment, materials, and other work supplies.


WT and Custom models have the classic Silverado interior, but you’ll find a new, sleek interior design in all other trim levels beginning with the LT. The interior on these trims reflects the updated wider exterior to give you more space and control on the road. These trims also include a 13.4-inch infotainment screen, much larger than earlier models of the Silverado, and Google Assistant, an electronic assistant that responds to voice commands. The infotainment systems pair with Android and Apple smartphones. 

Opt for the High Country trim for an interior that pairs rugged strength with luxury. The High Country comes with a high-quality open-pore wood console, comfortable leather seats, and hands-free Super Cruise for a peaceful driving experience. You can also choose between black and blue interior on the High Country for an interior that matches your personal style.

Cab options for the 2022 Silverado begin with the Regular Cab, which offers two doors and bench seating. Opt for the Double cab for the second row of seats and small rear doors. If you need maximum space for family, friends, or cargo, consider the Crew Cab, which comes with a spacious back seat and large rear doors.

Engine Options

You can choose from the following engines:

  • 2.7L Turbo I4: 310 horsepower, 348 lb-ft of torque.
  • 5.3L V8: 355 horsepower, 383 lb-ft of torque.
  • 6.2L V8: 420 horsepower, 460 lb-ft of torque.
  • 3.0L I6: 277 horsepower, 460 lb-ft of torque.

The Turbo I4 and V8 engines run on gasoline, while the 3.0L I6 takes diesel. The smallest engine, the 2.7L Turbo I4, has an 8-speed automatic transmission, but the rest of the engines have a 10-speed automatic transmission. All use both two-wheel-drive and four-wheel-drive except for the 6.2L V8, which only uses four-wheel-drive. With the 2.7L Turbo I4, the Silverado can tow up 9,500 lbs, and towing capacity rises to 11,200 lbs with the 5.3L V8. The largest V8 and the I6 diesel engine are the best options for towing heavy lows, as they can both handle up to 13,300 lbs. 

The quiet and durable 2.7L Turbo I4 is the truck’s base engine, used on the WT, Custom, Custom Trail Boss, LT, LT Trail Boss, and RST. Each trim has different upgrade availability, but you could replace the Turbo I4 with another engine to meet your needs in most trims. The 5.3L V8 comes standard on LTZ and High Country models, and the 6.2L V8 comes standard on the off-road powerhouse ZR2.

Safety Features

Chevy Silverado Bed 2022

Image via Chevrolet

All 2022 Silverado models come with a host of safety features to keep you and your passengers protected in any condition. At every trim level, your new Silverado comes with the Chevy Safety Assist package, which includes features like lane-keeping assist, lane departure warnings, pedestrian detection in the front, automatic high beam lights, automatic emergency braking, a high-definition rear camera, a blind zone alert system for trailers, and following distance monitoring. You can also check your touch screen for a broad view of weather and terrain, helping you prepare to drive in any condition.


Prices on each trim level start at the following:

  • WT: $35,300.
  • Custom: $39,700.
  • Custom Trail Boss: $45,200.
  • LT: $42,600.
  • RST: $46,900.
  • LT Trail Boss: $52,500.
  • LTZ: $49,500.
  • High Country: $56,800.
  • ZR2: $65,100.

Whether you’re interested in a luxurious pickup truck with the highest quality materials or a workhorse with maximum towing capabilities, there’s a brand new 2022 Silverado for you. To learn more about our inventory of new Silverado vehicles, explore our website or visit our North Texas Chevrolet dealership today. One of our well-versed team members will be happy to answer your questions and set you up to test drive a Silverado. With flexible financing options and a diverse inventory, Huffines Chevrolet in Lewisville, Texas, is your destination for a stress-free car shopping experience.


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