September 23

5 Places To Visit in Lewisville, TX

Lewisville’s location north of Fort Worth and Dallas gives it access to interesting things to do and see a short drive away from home. However, have you ever thought about the places you can visit and check out in your own backyard? Lewisville is home to a lot of fun and interesting activities that offer a nice break from the daily grind. Following are five places to visit in Lewisville before heading over to Huffines Chevrolet Lewisville to check out the latest models from Chevy.

Interskate Roller Rink

Roller Skate Rentals | Rack of Roller Skates stacked next to each other

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There’s nothing quite like spending a few hours at the roller rink to don a pair of skates and experience the glide that comes from a smooth, polished wooden floor. It’s also a great way to get exercise, especially if you’ve been working at home for more hours than you care to consider. Interskate Roller Rink is a family-friendly place and entry is reasonably priced so everyone can get out of the house for a while and have some exhilarating fun. 

Tuesday nights are bargain nights with reduced admission and rental pricing. You can bring your own skates and pay for admission only. Other special nights are Jam Night on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month and Adult Night on Thursday and Sunday Nights. Come early on Jam Night to learn the fundamentals of skate jamming, then try out the moves on the roller rink while up-tempo music plays in encouragement. Not sure if you can get on a pair of skates and not fall? Interskate has inexpensive skating lessons with skate rentals every Saturday morning.

BENDT Distillery 

Formerly known as the Witherspoon Distillery, the BENDT Distillery handcrafts a variety of spirits using locally sourced ingredients that are handcrafted by people who have a drive to make the best drinking spirits possible. The distillery sources corn and malt from local farmers to help support them and those who supply the farmers with what they need to produce quality grains. The grains and other ingredients are brought to the distillery for fermentation and distillation, then aged in barrels, and eventually bottled after spending at least nine months in a barrel. 

BENDT Distillery produces blended whiskey, bourbon, wheat, rye, malt, light whiskeys, and experimental batches of agave spirits, rum, brandy, gin, rum, and other liqueurs. The distillery hosts live music and tasting events along with tours held every Friday and Saturday. The tours are given multiple times throughout the day on both days, and it’s advised to make a reservation as the tours sell out quickly. If you’re looking to taste the spirits on offer, you can come to the tasting hall and whiskey garden to sample the wares along with small bites menus for something to nibble on in between sips.

GatSplat Paintball

GatSplat Paintball offers paintball fields for you and your friends. Here, you can try to take each other’s teams out with low-impact paintballs. Don’t have enough to make up a full team for paintball? Don’t worry, there are other activities to try here. 

Be like a lumberjack and go ax throwing. It’s like darts, but you try to hit the bullseye with a throwing ax instead. The younger crowd also gets to enjoy the fun of tactical play with Nerf parties or Gellyball. Paintball and the other activities available at Gel Splat are great for bonding exercises and fun for the whole family and friends group.

Safety comes first at Gel Splat Paintball no matter what the activity and age of participants. The paintball guns have a lower impact threshold which means less chance of bruising when struck by a paintball. Younger players can play with Nerf guns, and Gellyball is available to provide the paintball experience without the risk of injury.  Paintball is just one many family activities you can do in the Lewisville, TX area.

Lake Lewisville

Lake Lewisville (or Lewisville Lake depending on who you ask) is a former reservoir created by the Army Corps of Engineers. The lake is one of the largest in North Texas and has 233 miles of shoreline with multiple parks and beaches spread around its edges. Campgrounds are also available in case you want to get a camping experience while staying close to home. Lake Lewisville is also adjacent to biking and hiking trails, golf courses, allows boating and swimming, and fishing. You’ll find just about every kind of outdoor recreational activity somewhere around the lake. 

Party Cove is a popular spot for boaters to gather and tie up together on the weekends. People come to have a good time on their own boats or rent out a boat or party barge to hang out in the cove. Alcohol is permitted, but safety is strongly encouraged due to the fact that accidents are a common issue on the lake. Make sure to wear a life jacket while in the water, even if you are a strong swimmer, and look out for other people in the water to avoid an accident. 

Main Event

Main Event is an arcade, restaurant, bar, pool hall, and bowling alley. There’s also Laser Tag and Gravity Ropes  It’s a great place to have a party for kids or adults, or enjoying a night out to blow off steam. Adults can order alcoholic beverages and kids can get their own crazy non-alcoholic drinks that look like the real deal. The sights and sounds of Main Event are intoxicating and exciting for everyone, and a good time had by all is all but guaranteed. Main Event also offers party packages that meet a variety of needs such as after-school activities, corporate gatherings, graduation, food and play packages, and more. 

Now you know where to find five great places to visit in Lewisville and have a great time doing something different. At Huffines Chevrolet Lewisville, we’re all about helping you find what you need, whether if it’s a new car or a place check out in your brand new Chevrolet. Let us know if you think we missed a spot, or if there’s a place you love that’s that’s worth being on the list.


Interskate Roller Rink, Lake Lewisville

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