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Adopting a Pet in Lewisville, TX

So, you’re ready to welcome a special four-legged family member into your life. But where can you go around Lewisville, Texas, to adopt a pet? Fortunately, you have a variety of options when you’re ready to adopt. Learn more about the benefits of adopting a pet and where you can go in the Lewisville area to adopt.

Benefits of Adopting a Pet

If you’re interested in bringing a pet into your home, there are a variety of reasons why you should adopt instead of shop. The most important reason is that you will save a life. Sadly, it’s estimated that more than a million cats and dogs are euthanized each year in the United States because shelters are too full to handle all of them. By adopting, you bring a loving pet into your home and open up a spot in the shelter for an animal that needs it.

Most shelter pets are healthy and happy animals that ended up at the shelter because of a human problem, such as a divorce or a move. Many pets are already house-trained and are used to living with people. Plus, adopting is often cheaper than shopping for a pet. At many adoption centers, the cost of spaying or neutering, the first vaccinations, and sometimes even the microchipping are included in the adoption fee.

Gene Carey Animal Shelter and Adoption Center

The Gene Carey Animal Shelter and Adoption Center is the main animal shelter in Lewisville. The animals that are available for adoption are listed on the shelter’s website. Once you find a specific pet you’re interested in adopting, you can follow the unique URL in the pet’s description to start the online adoption application. After the shelter approves your application, a staff member will contact you and schedule an appointment for a pickup.

The Gene Carey Animal Shelter and Adoption Center also houses lost and found pets. If you’ve lost your pet, you can submit a lost pet report and keep it on file at the shelter. You can also visit the shelter during regular business hours to look for your pet. If you’ve found a pet and you can safely approach it, you can take the animal to the shelter to have it checked for a microchip.

Grapevine Animal Services

Located in Grapevine just 10 miles south of Lewisville, Grapevine Animal Services is another nearby shelter that offers pet adoptions. Here, you’ll find puppies and kittens as well as adult dogs and cats that arrived at the shelter after they became lost or their owners could no longer take care of them.

When you’re ready to adopt, you can visit the shelter or look at the available pets online. You can then schedule a visit to meet the pet that interests you. If the pet is a good fit, you can complete the questionnaire, sign the contract accepting responsibility for the animal, and pay the adoption fee.

Before adoption, all of the animals will be spayed or neutered and have their basic vaccination shots, including rabies. Your adoption fee also includes a microchip. You’ll be able to complete the registration of the chip at the shelter at no additional charge. Additionally, dogs will go home with a leash, cats will have their own carrier, and every cat and dog will get a sample of Nature’s Select food.

MARS Rescue

MARS (Mobile Animal Rescue Service) Rescue Inc. is a nonprofit organization dedicated to rescuing abandoned and homeless animals. The program works primarily with shelters that don’t have a no-kill policy in place and with owners who are no longer able to care for their pets. By working with local veterinarians, boarding facilities, trainers, volunteers, and foster homes, MARS Rescue is able to save hundreds of animals every year.

In addition to offering rescue services, the program also provides the community with information and education on responsible pet ownership, such as the importance of good nutrition, spaying or neutering, and positive behavior training.

When you’re ready to find a new pet, the rescue group has developed a pet adoption form that can help them place pets with the right owners. If you know the exact pet you’re interested in, you can fill out that information on the adoption form. If not, you can include a general description of the type of pet you’re looking for, and the program can help you find a match.

Texas Rustlers Small Animal Rescue

If you’re interested in adopting a small animal instead of a cat or dog, Texas Rustlers Small Animal Rescue is ready to help. This volunteer-run, nonprofit organization is dedicated to the rescue and adoption of guinea pigs, hamsters, rabbits, rats, mice, ferrets, and other small animals. If a suitable permanent home for these small animals is unavailable, the rescue group will shelter them for life.

If you’re interested in adopting a small animal, you’ll begin by completing the online application. A staff member from the rescue group will then contact you to arrange a time for you to visit the shelter. Once you’re at the shelter, you’ll get to meet the animals, learn about the cages, and receive any advice or education you might need. At this point, you can also select the animal you would like to adopt. After you select your animal, you’ll go home and get prepared for your new pet by purchasing food and supplies and setting up the cage.

Once your home is ready, you can come back to the shelter to pick up your new pet. You can shorten the process to one visit if you have the cage and supplies ready before you come to look at the adoptable animals. The shelter also has a store fully stocked with everything your small animal needs.

At Huffines Chevrolet Lewisville, we encourage you to check out one of these adoption centers when you’re ready to bring a loving pet into your home. Do you have a heartwarming adoption story you’d like to share? Please feel free to contact us and tell us all about it. We’d love to hear about the amazing pets adopted around Lewisville!


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