November 17

Fresh and New Thanksgiving Ideas


Whether you’re hosting Thanksgiving for the first time or looking for something new to try this year, there are plenty of approaches you can take to add a little something extra to the experience. As long as you get to have food and fun with the ones you love most, you can do whatever else you’d like to make Thanksgiving special.

Our team at Huffines Chevrolet Lewisville compiled a list of fresh and new Thanksgiving ideas to consider this holiday season. Try them out for yourself and see what your family likes best.

Try an Outdoor Thanksgiving Dinner

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Enjoy the Texas autumn air on Thanksgiving by having dinner outdoors rather than in the traditional dining room setting this year. If you have patio furniture, decorate your table with tablecloths and centerpieces. Even if you don’t have patio furniture, you can still participate in an outdoor feast by making it a picnic-style dinner.

Grab a fall-themed blanket and gather the family outside for dinner among the changing foliage and setting sun. You can even do this on your driveway with tables and canopies — weather permitting, of course. If there’s a chill in the air, you can get outdoor heaters to warm your guests up.

Set up a Projector Screen

You can use a projector screen indoors or outdoors to add an elevated experience to the traditional holiday. Use the projector to watch Thanksgiving Day parades and sports with your loved ones. After watching the parade and football, use the screen to connect via video with those who couldn’t make it to dinner.

Place your equipment using a front projection style setup. This setup allows you to have all your equipment in front of the screen, like your computer, so you can use the device’s camera to capture your faces and project the call onto the screen, allowing your dinner guests to see. You can even keep the call up while you’re having dinner to enjoy their company and make those who couldn’t come to the dinner feel involved with the holiday tradition.

Make a Gratitude Jar

Get crafty and thankful by making and using a gratitude jar. Gratitude jars are a terrific way for families to teach their kids and teens gratitude. The little things in life can also remind adults that they have more than they thought they had when listing what they’re grateful for. To get started, making the jar is simple. Grab anything you can put small pieces of paper into and add decorations to it if you desire. For example, you might use a Mason jar decorated with festive fall ribbon.

There are a couple of ways to approach this idea. One way is to make the jar to use on Thanksgiving Day. Leave it out with stationary and writing utensils so dinner guests can put in what they’re thankful for, and then you can read them aloud later in the evening. Another way you can do this is by collecting what you’re grateful for throughout the year in a jar and reflecting on it during the holiday.

Host a Thanksgiving Potluck

Consider hosting a Thanksgiving potluck with your dinner guests this year. A potluck can be a helpful way to save money this holiday season, and it can ensure everyone has something they love to eat for dinner. Organize who will bring what about a month or two before, allowing everyone enough time to prepare. Make sure someone brings the essential main courses, sides, and utensils. You may even discover a new dish at the potluck that you’ll want to make a Thanksgiving staple from now on.

Provide Holiday Party Favors

‘Tis the season for giving, so provide your dinner guests with holiday party favors upon arrival or departure. You don’t have to give expensive gifts to make people feel excited. For example, you can create small, individual packages of ingredients for cookies, brownies, or even hot chocolate that your guests can make at home. This can be a fun surprise for your loved ones, and it may help them create their own holiday memories when they use your mix to make tasty treats with their families.

Allow Everyone an Opportunity to Toast

Usually, one person provides the toast before dinner, but this year, try something different. Let everyone make a toast. Each person can reflect on the past year and say what they’re grateful for, or they can use their time to bless the food, talk about something they’re looking forward to during the holidays, or praise a friend or family member for something they accomplished. They could even read a poem. Make sure to tell your guests about the toasts a few days in advance so they can prepare what they want to say.

Let the Kids Serve the Dessert

A fun way to get the kids involved in the holiday is to let them serve dessert to the dinner guests. Have them make choices like what plates or serving dishes to put the treats on to improve their decision-making skills.

If you really want the children to have a hands-on experience and create lasting holiday memories, allow them to bake a dessert together with adult supervision. This lets them feel included in the festive activities while also getting to voice their opinions on the holiday and expressing their creativity with whatever they decide to make.

Make It a Themed Event

Give your Thanksgiving dinner party a theme and dress code for the guests. This can help make your dinner feel unique, fun, and memorable. For example, make it a holiday pajama party where guests can arrive in their coziest pajamas to eat dinner and relax. Don’t forget to take a photo of the memories. Consider developing the picture to frame and send to the guests as a holiday gift. You can change the theme idea by allowing other guests to select it each holiday season to get everyone involved.

If your family has a unique Thanksgiving tradition, give us a call to let us know. We may even add it to our list for others to try with their loved ones. Here at Huffines Chevrolet Lewisville, we value our customers and care about the safety of you and your vehicle. Schedule a service and visit our dealership in Lewisville, Texas, before heading out on the road this holiday season.


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