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Towing Capacity of the Chevy Equinox


If you want to elevate your Lewisville, Texas, adventures with an SUV that can tow and haul your gear, family, and friends, Huffines Chevrolet Lewisville can help. Meet the Chevy Equinox. You can break free from mundane driving with the fun and sporty Equinox. It comes with the latest in-vehicle tech to keep you connected wherever your next adventure takes you. Moreover, you get peace of mind with the Chevy Safety Assist suite of driver-assist systems.

The Equinox can also leave the pavement behind and take your toys along for the ride. Let’s look closer at the Chevy Equinox’s best features, including its towing and payload capacity.

Power to Perform

Under the Equinox’s hood is a powerful 1.5-liter turbocharged inline four-cylinder engine with dual overhead cams, direct injection, and variable valve timing technology. Chevy pairs this engine with an electronically controlled six-speed automatic transmission to deliver 170 horsepower and 203 pound-feet of torque. That’s plenty of power to tow your small camper, boat, or dirt bike to your favorite outdoor hideaway. 

When properly equipped, the Equinox can tow up to 1,500 pounds. Chevy’s transmission features an overdrive and a driver shift control that lets you change gears manually, perfect for pulling a trailer. The driver shift control operates with a simple tap up or down to sequentially change gears.

Steering, Suspension, and Brakes

You get an axle ratio of 3.87:1 that helps deliver the low-end torque to get your trailer moving and keep it moving. Chevy engineered the four-link rear suspension system on the Equinox to handle a heavy payload or the trailer’s weight. It does it all while smoothing out the irregularities of the road for a more comfortable ride. The MacPherson front strut suspension system delivers responsive steering and control under various road surfaces.

When you must stop your Equinox, you can rely on the 16-inch disc brakes on all four wheels to get the job done, even with a heavy load. The brake system features anti-locking capability, which reduces wheel locking under slippery conditions and keeps your Equinox and trailer under control. You also get performance brake linings that limit noise transmission to the interior. The brake linings help reduce brake dust and undergo a hardening process that not only extends their life but strengthens and protects them from corrosion.  These are just some of the top performance features of the Chevy Equinox.

Intelligent Driving Systems

Every Equinox comes with Stabilitrak, Chevy’s electronic stability control system. This intelligent system uses sensors to monitor all four wheels. It activates when the system detects a difference between the vehicle’s intended path and its actual direction. Stabilitrak automatically adjusts brake pressure and engine torque to help keep your Equinox and trailer on their intended path, enhancing your control, especially during emergency maneuvers. 

The traction control system works with StabiliTrak to detect wheel slippage. If the system detects a wheel slipping on wet or soft surfaces, it automatically applies brake pressure. When necessary, Stabilitrak reduces engine power to allow the Equinox to regain traction when accelerating on slippery roads.

Equinox comes standard with a capable front-wheel-drive system. For more control, you can opt for the all-wheel-drive powertrain. Chevy’s AWD continuously monitors all four wheels. Working with Stabilitrak, the AWD adjusts power and braking to help you maintain traction under wet, slippery conditions. The switchable AWD system allows you to activate AWD when you need traction. Once your Equinox and trailer reach cruising speed, you can deactivate AWD to gain efficiency in front-wheel drive.

Interior Comfort and Cargo Capacity

Inside the Equinox, there’s plenty of comfortable space for passengers and gear. Lower trims have premium cloth upholstery, while the upper trims use perforated leather in various colors. The higher trim levels also offer heated and ventilated front seats and heated rear outboard seats.

The second-row seats split/fold in a 60/40 ratio for additional cargo configurations. Behind the second row, you have 29.9 cubic feet of space to store your gear. Folding the second row flat opens the space to a cavernous 63.9 cubic feet. Storage space beneath the cargo area floor allows you to hide your more valuable items away from prying eyes. The hands-free power liftgate lets you easily access the rear cargo hold. Be sure to check out the 2022 Chevy Equinox trim levels!

Chevy Safety Assist

You want to stay safe on busy roads, especially when towing a trailer. Chevy Safety Assist helps with six standard driver-assist systems that use a combination of radar and optical sensors to monitor your Equinox and alert you to potential hazards. For example, the forward collision alert system scans the road ahead, providing visual and audio alerts when it detects a possible collision. Should you fail to react in time, the system will engage the automatic emergency braking system to help mitigate or avoid an accident.

A front pedestrian braking system can detect pedestrians on the road under certain conditions. It also engages the automatic emergency braking system to help you stop. Chevy’s lane keep assists with a lane departure warning system, which uses cameras mounted high on the windshield to track your Equinox while traveling within marked lanes. When the system detects an unintentional drift, it alerts you with gentle steering correction. The system will not activate if you have your turn signal on.

The following distance indicator helps you maintain a safe distance between you and the car ahead, which is especially important when you tow a trailer and need plenty of space. You also get Chevy’s Intellibeam system that detects oncoming headlights or taillights as you approach and automatically switches your headlights to low beam. When the way ahead clears, the system switches back to a high beam, expanding your field of vision.

At Huffines Chevrolet Lewisville, we understand what SUV drivers want when towing a trailer. That’s why we stock an expansive inventory of Chevy Equinox SUVs with various features that help make trailering easier. We invite you to browse our inventory online or stop by for a personal demonstration of Equinox’s capability. One of our friendly, professional staff will show you the different models and review the trailering features. You can take your favorite for a test drive and see Equinox’s capabilities.


Chevy Equinox

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