April 17

What Safety Features Do Chevy Vehicles Have?


Lewisville, Texas, drivers depend on their vehicles to transport them efficiently and safely. Chevrolet has long been synonymous with reliability, innovation, and a commitment to driver security. From compact cars to rugged trucks, Chevrolet’s lineup boasts various standard and optional safety features that provide peace of mind and protection on every journey. In this article, read as our Huffines Chevrolet Lewisville team explores the standard safety features on Chevrolet vehicles and those available as optional upgrades.

Standard Chevy Safety Features

Chevrolet vehicles come with Chevy Safety Assist, which includes six of the most advanced safety features, plus additional features to give you more confidence on the road.

Air Bags

Chevy vehicles come with a comprehensive array of airbags throughout the interior to help cushion and protect occupants from the force of impact. Chevy typically includes front airbags for you and your front passenger, while some vehicles also come with side-impact airbags integrated into the seats or the door panels. Many models also feature side curtain airbags to protect you in a side collision or rollover. 

Automatic Emergency Braking

Automatic emergency braking (AEB) reduces the severity of accidents and collisions or prevents them altogether. When it detects a potential collision, it triggers a series of alerts to warn you. If you fail to respond, AEB can intervene by applying the brakes to slow or stop your vehicle.

Lane-Keep Assist

Lane-keep assist reduces the risk of unintentional lane departures. If the system detects that you’re drifting without using a turn signal, it guides the vehicle back into your lane. This intervention typically involves gentle steering inputs or adjustments to the vehicle’s trajectory to keep it centered.

Lane Departure Warning

A lane departure warning alerts you when you unintentionally drift out of your lane. It’s a vital reminder to pay attention to the road. It’s particularly beneficial during highway driving, where driver fatigue or distraction may increase the risk of drifting.

Front Pedestrian and Bicyclist Braking

This advanced Chevy safety feature protects vulnerable road users like pedestrians and cyclists. The system alerts you when it identifies a potential collision. If you don’t respond promptly, it can apply the brakes to mitigate or avoid a collision. 

Forward Collision Alert

Forward collision alert helps you avoid or reduce front-end collisions with vehicles or objects ahead of you. The system issues an alert when it detects a potential collision, such as a slower-moving vehicle or a stationary object. These warnings can help you take evasive action, such as braking or steering, to avoid an accident. 

IntelliBeam High-Beam Assist

IntelliBeam high-beam assist enhances driver visibility and safety at night. It automatically switches between the high and low beams depending on the surrounding traffic conditions, ensuring optimal visibility while reducing distractions and discomfort for fellow road users. 

Following Distance Indicator

The following distance indicator (FDI) helps you maintain a safe distance between you and the vehicle ahead. It calculates the distance between the two vehicles and provides real-time feedback. If you get too close, the FDI issues visual or auditory warnings to alert you to increase your following distance. 

Safety Alert Seat

Chevy offers a standard safety alert seat on many new models. It uses sensors and cameras, providing tactile alerts to enhance driver awareness without causing distraction. This groundbreaking technology detects potential hazards, such as lane departures or forward collision risks, and communicates warnings through subtle vibrations in the driver’s seat cushion.

Electronic Stability Control

Electronic stability control enhances vehicle stability and reduces the risk of skidding or losing control in various driving conditions. It continuously monitors the steering angle, wheel speed, and lateral acceleration. When the system detects an impending loss of traction or deviation from your intended path, it applies brakes to individual wheels and adjusts engine torque to stabilize the vehicle. 

Traction Control System

The traction control system optimizes traction and stability on various road surfaces. It works with the vehicle’s anti-lock braking system and engine control unit, using sensors to monitor wheel speed and detect wheel slippage. If it detects slipping, the system applies brakes to individual wheels and adjusts engine power to prevent wheelspin.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System

The tire pressure monitoring system uses sensors within each tire to detect any changes in air pressure and alert you to potential issues. If it detects a significant drop in pressure in any tire, it alerts you through a dashboard warning light or a message on the instrument cluster. 

Upgrade Your Chevy’s Safety Features

There’s a wealth of optional Chevy safety features available on higher trims, including the following:

  • Teen Driver: This built-in system is standard on some new Chevys but optional on others and helps you coach your new driver, even if you’re not in the car, by setting the speed or providing volume alerts. 
  • OnStar Safety & Security: It offers 24/7 assistance, whether you’re in an accident, require help recovering a stolen vehicle, or need to contact emergency services.
  • Rear park assist: It provides distance alerts to objects near your vehicle as you park or reverse. 
  • Adaptive cruise control: It automatically maintains a specific gap between you and the vehicle ahead of you. 
  • Rear cross-traffic alert with braking: This feature alerts you of detected traffic crossing behind your vehicle.
  • Rear camera mirror: It offers a wide, unobstructed view behind the vehicle while you’re driving.
  • Side bicyclist alert: It detects cyclists approaching a side blind zone or door.
  • High-definition surround vision: This system uses multiple cameras to display the area around your vehicle.
  • Rear pedestrian alert: It warns you of pedestrians directly behind your vehicle. 

Test-Drive a Chevy at Huffines Chevrolet Lewisville

A comprehensive array of Chevy safety features across the lineup provides peace of mind on every journey. From foundational features such as airbags, anti-lock brakes, and stability control to advanced driver-assistance technologies such as forward collision alert, lane-keep assist, and automatic emergency braking, Chevrolet vehicles can anticipate and mitigate potential risks on the road. If you’re looking for a vehicle with the technology to keep your daily Lewisville commute safe, visit Huffines Chevrolet Lewisville. Browse our impressive inventory, arrange a service, or schedule a test drive.


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